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About Us

We are a team of multicultural highly experienced resources eager to identify, evaluate and develop business opportunities for “growth” oriented companies.

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What do we offer

We offer modular solutions that accommodate to your needs, from Market research all the way to Business Plans.



• We give added value (our experience) to each and any step of the process

• Not only ideas, we provide business perspective and solutions

• Not only ideas, we provide business perspective and solutions

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We always look for new opportunities

Once we search and identify the opportunities we assess…

Which one has the highest potential?

Which one offers the best profitability?

What’s the risk behind them?

What are the execution obstacles?


How do we do it:


Effective Research Tools


To maximize the resources (time and money), we have developed a platform that allows us to get information from consumers in various types of studies.

Pro-Value Market Research

Our model is modern, fast and efficient:

  • Strategically developed
  • Combined business point of view with research experience
  • Professional and reliable
  • Questionnaire types and target reach
  • Cost efficient
  • Up to 40% less than other field techniques
  • Quick Response
  • Save time of tabulating responses.

Through our online platform we can:

  • Conduct various types of studies
  • Reach a wide variety of targets
  • Report progress online in real time
  • Optimize cost
  • Minimize timings
  • Continuously monitor performance


Why are we different


  • Resources with more than 20 years of experience in the Mexican, Latin-American and USA markets.
  • We are motivated
  • We love what we do and we like challenges.
  • We take charge!
  • We provide status reports so you can monitor the project without further supervision.
  • We are dynamic and fast in making decisions.
  • We are committed to give the best use to your resources
  • We want to support you
  • We are flexible to assemble the right team with the right business plan.

Things we’ve done

  • Feasibility Analysis to expand a US company to LA …
  • Understand market potential
  • Identify best selling proposition
  • Recommended Business Model
  • Mexico and Brazil
  • US Product line development...
  • Complete Product definition
  • Concept and Package evaluation
  • Commercial Plan including Price elasticity modeling
  • Understanding the market environment for Retail expansion…
  • Habits and Practices
  • Consumer/ Main users behavior analysis

Some of our clients

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